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Ryan Jeffrey

Grew up in Ames, graduated from Iowa with a degree in Biology, came back to Ames in 2006 to work as an engineer at PowerFilm. Now I’m roasting coffee and helping to start a coffee shop/ bakery – how’d that happen (though I still work as an engineer at PowerFilm)? Baking, cooking, and especially chocolate have always been major interests, inspired in no small part by an aunt who is a caterer in Sun Valley, ID and has always made the most amazing truffles. The first major steps down the path to Arcadia, however, came from working at a boutique chocolate factory in Iowa City, where I furthered my education and love for chocolate – and even more importantly had fresh roasted coffee for the first time. A single cup of Ethiopian Hararr set me on the path to becoming a roaster. I’ve been roasting coffee at home for 5 years now, and while I have yet to match that one perfect cup of Hararr (not even again in that same batch) I’ve found some fantastic coffees. Now that I’m roasting on a larger scale I hope you enjoy our coffees as much as I do.