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Welcome to Arcadia!

Arcadia was an idea my partner and I developed after not being able to find a coffee shop that offered everything we needed. After drinking fresh roasted coffee almost exclusively at home—I found it difficult to drink anything from anywhere else.

The name Arcadia means pastoral paradise and we have worked hard to evoke this feeling throughout the design of the cafe. The teak root table lures you in and the reclaimed fire wood cafe tables invite you to stay. The handcrafted bar top hints at the love and care it took to create this woodland wonderland.

We treat our coffee as we have treated our décor. Beans are roasted fresh and never kept beyond their prime. Our blends have been developed to take the best characteristics of each bean and match it with complementary flavors until a signature flavor was achieved. The espresso blend was designed to be able to drink straight as well as with milk.

My passion is pastry and dessert and I hope I can share that with you. I grew up with a German grandmother who would only bake by feel. Getting recipes out of her was quite difficult. At one point my mom and I had to stop her after each step to document and weigh each new ingredient. What I always thought of as simple, homemade desserts turned out to be fine European pastry.

I will strive to always have something new and interesting in the case to tantalize a variety of tastes.

It has always been my wish to have a small, well run shop to call my own. I invite you to share in this journey with me as we explore fresh roasted coffee and pastry. Thank you for being part of Arcadia.


Liz Naylor