Arcadia worked closely with Smart Business Challenge (a collaboration between Iowa State University and the City of Ames) to earn the status of Silver for our efforts in sustainability.

Sustainability is a principle that is displayed through all of the business practices here at Arcadia. We focus on all aspects of economic, social and environmental sustainability. Our focus on energy conservation is displayed in our standards of LED lighting and use of a high efficiency appliances and equipment. Purchasing the highest quality coffee and raw ingredients ensures that we create premium products that are both socially and environmentally responsible . By purchasing repurposed furnishings and ordering bulk ingredients it greatly reduces our waste. At Arcadia we strive to focus on our customers and community. We engage with the community through events and our charitable work. Our community events board will keep you up to date on all of the Ames’ happenings. Being an active participant of the Ames Smart Business Challenge has allowed us to reduce our footprint and give back to the city. The mission of Arcadia is too provide exceptional products and customer service, while engaging in all aspects of sustainability.